551st Parachute Infantry Battalion A Company

Abbreviations: DOW: Died of wounds DNB: Died, Non battle KIA: Killed in action DSC: Distinguished Service Cross

PFC Donald R. Anderson KIA
Sgt. Robert E. Anderson KIA
PFC Sidney R. Black, JR
T/4 Paul Callaway KIA
Pvt. James J. Carroll KIA
Pvt. Pat Casanova
PFC Juan R. Chavez
Corp. Joe Cicchinelli
Pvt. John L. Clark KIA
Corp. John I. Collins KIA
1st Lt. Charles E. Dahl KIA
Sgt. Douglas Dillard
Pvt. Claude Dolin
Sgt. Virgil Dorr
Lt. Dick Durkee
Pvt. Leo Flynn
Pfc. Sybol L. Frazier KIA
Pvt. Ernest V. Friend KIA
Pfc. Ladd M. Gibson KIA
Pvt. Martin J. Heneghan KIA
Corp. Robert H. Hill KIA DSC
Pvt. Felix J. Hughes DNB
Corp. Kenneth G. Hundley KIA
S/Sgt Stephen Kicinski KIA
PFC Elmer J. Kurtz DOW
Pvt. Jack Looney KIA
1st Lt. George H. Luening KIA
Corp. John F. McAtee KIA
PFC William McBee KIA
1st Sgt. Roy McCraw
Pfc. Rogers W. Moore KIA
Pvt. Robert R. Mowery KIA
PFC. Doris S. Myers DOW
PVT Glen E. Nottingham DOW
Corp. John B. O'Dell KIA
PFC William FF. Olson
? Albert A. Pate
1 Lt. Rushton Peabody, Jr. DNB
PFC S.J. Piedescalzo KIA
T/4 Harry Renick
T/5 Jack E. Rolland KIA while with 508th PIR after 551st was disbanded
Sgt. Edward Schultz
Sgt. John W. Shoup KIA
Corp. Jack C. Simpson KIA
S/Sgt Harold C. Sindler KIA
Pvt. Gerna W. Sizemore KIA
T/4 James Smith
Sgt. Lawrence C. Stankus DNB
S/Sgt Jim Stevens 3rd Platoon
Sgt. Don Thompson
PFC Lou Waters
PFC Cloy L. Wilson KIA
PFC Alvin J. Yellowrobe KIA

These rosters are as complete as I have been able to make them. If I have overlooked you or a family member, I apologize. Any and all corrections or additions are received gratefully. Please email them to me and I will make the changes.

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