551st Parachute Infantry Battalion B Company

Abbreviations: DOW: Died of wounds DNB: Died, Non battle KIA: Killed in action

Sgt. Emory Albritton
T/5 Lewis R. Billman KIA
PFC Vernon Bettencourt
Sgt. Joseph Blaizik
Pvt Willie F. Brown KIA
Corp. Robert R. Cheatham KIA
Pvt. Theodore R. Coley KIA
PFC Warren H. Cook
PFC John H. Delmage
T/5 James W. Deming KIA
Pvt. Wiiliam E. Denis KIA
PFC Joseph A. Edgerly KIA
Sgt. Jennings B. Ellis
Pvt. James Gage
PFC Benjamin Goodman
PFC Frank E. Gould KIA
Sgt. Bill Hatcher
Corp. Carlo Intinarelli KIA
Pvt. Harold R. Kuliffay KIA
2nd Lt. Lester E. Kurtz KIA
Capt. Archibald McPheeters KIA
Sgt. Carl Noble
PFC Al Palmowski
Pvt. Leon Parks KIA
PFC Cleo B. Parsons
Pvt. John L. Ponder KIA
Pvt. Roy A. Rover KIA
2nd Lt. John B. Ryan KIA
Sgt. Ernest Scango
Pvt. Ramon Sepulveda KIA
Sgt. David W. Smith KIA
Pvt. Louie Spera KIA
Pvt. Louis Tenute KIA
T/Sgt Robert Van Horssen
Pvt. Wilburn M. Williams KIA

These rosters are as complete as I have been able to make them. If I have overlooked you or a family member, I apologize. Any and all corrections or additions are received gratefully. Please email them to me and I will make the changes.
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