The 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion Btallion Staff

LTC Wood Joerg KIA
LTC Rupert Graves
Replaced LTC Joerg, who then replaced him
Major William Holm XO
Major Charles "Pappy" Hermann S-3
Capt. John Y. Battenfield
Capt Judson Chalkley Surgeon
Captain Edward Hartman S-2
Captain Lamar A. Tavaoin
Lt. Donald Booth
Lt. Edwin F. Davis
Lt. Richard W. Goins
Lt. John M. Hill
Lt. Paul Hoch Adjutant
Lt. William B. Kerrick
Lt. Joseph W. McNair
Lt. Bud Schroeder Parachute Officer
Lt. Glenn E. Slucter
Lt. Andy Titko Communications Officer
Lt. Ralph Wenthold S-2 Section (Promoted from T/5)
T/5 Jack Affleck Medical Section

These rosters are as complete as I have been able to make them. If I have overlooked you or a family member, I apologize. Any and all corrections or additions are received gratefully. Please email them to me and I will make the changes.
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