The 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion C Company

Abbreviations: DOW: Died of wounds DNB: Died, Non battle KIA: Killed in action

Capt. Tims Quinn
1st Lt. Frank Serio XO
1st Lt. Leroy C. Sano
1st Lt Oliver A. Hord KIA
2nd Lt. Joseph A. Farren
2nd Lt. Richard W. Goins
2nd Lt. John B. Reid
Enlisted Men
PFC Harry Abbott
Sgt. Ames Anderson
PFC Bobby R. Anderson
PFC Thomas A. Anderson
PFC Dail L. Arbogast
Sgt. Thomas J. Atnip
Pvt. Charles Austin, Jr.
Corp. Ray NMI Banks
S/Sgt Wilbur M. Banks KIA
Pvt. Nosreay J. Bayouth
Pvt. Jacob E. Brooks KIA
PFC Andrew H. Brookshire KIA
T-5 Max B. Bryan
PFC Amos M. Burkey
Sgt. Weldon L. Burroughs
1st Sgt. Harvey K. Burrow
? Ted Campbell
Pvt. Willis NMI Cantrell
Pvt. Andrew C. Carter, Jr
Pvt. Roger Carqueville
PFC Elbia A. Chapman
PFC John F. Chappell KIA
Corp. Harold Christensen
Pvt. Theodore R. Coley
Pvt. William B. Collins
S/Sgt Ernest E. Corbin
Pvt. Carl J. Cornwall
Pvt. Kimber Couch KIA
PFC Archie E. Coward
Sgt. Lee Croft
Sgt. Arthur M. Crook
Corp. Harold Christensen
PFC James M. Davis
PFC Martin NMI Davidson
PFC John T. Donovan
PFC Denis M. Downes
Pvt. Nelson C. Dunkle
CPL John R. Eckhart
Pvt Joseph A. Edgerly
PFC Chester NMI Egly
Cpl. Ralph M. Etherton
PFC Shelly C. Ferguson DNB **
S/Sgt. Dennis M. Fishgrab
Pvt. Andrew H. Fletcher, Sr KIA
Pvt. John S. Fristick
Pvt. John C. Funk
Pvt. Charles L. Gardea, Jr
? Carlos L. Garcia, Jr
Pvt. Joseph J. Geenter
Pvt Elroy NMI Geter
? Walter E. Gordon
PFC Florencio NMI Gurule
PFC Walter P. Hall Cpl. William A. Harper
PFC Harris R. Hartsell
PFC Loyal E. Hauge
PFC Robert D. Hickman
? Paul Hines
PFC Ted NMI Kampbell Sgt. Ernest W. Keith
PFC Ruben F. Klein
Sgt. "Hedy" Lamar
PFC Jerome W. Lilly
Pvt. Thomas B. Lucas KIA
? William W. Lumsden Jr
Sgt. Charles E. Mackey
PFC Harold A. Magnuson
T-5 Frank NMI Marcella
Pvt. Glenn T. Martin
Sgt. Harry S. Martin KIA
Pvt. Willis L. Martin
Pvt. Alberto NMI Martinez
PFC Gerald E. McCoy
Cpl Phil J. McElroy
Cpl. Nephi D. McMahon
PFC Lawrence L. McMillan
PFC Caleb A. Morgan
Pvt. Gerald L. Murphy KIA
Pvt. William Murray
PFC Otis W. Needham
Sgt. Carl R. Noble
? Elmer W. Noll
Pvt. William G. Norton
Pvt. Frank NMI Nuck
PFC Charles W. O’Neill
PFC Lewis W. Owen
Pvt. Albert J. Palmowski
? Darrel V. Paterson
Pvt. Ernest L. Patterson
Sgt. Benjamin L. Payne
Pvt. Darrel Peterson
PFC Ishmael H. Petty DNB**
Cpl. Ralph C. Pinion
PFC Leo P. Popejoy
Sgt. John L. Priesmeyer
PFC Charles M. Putnam
Pvt Zollie Ramsbury DNB**
Pvt. Robert H. Reaves
Pvt. William E. Reynolds KIA
PFC John R. Richardson
PFC Richard C. Richardson
Pvt. Joseph E. Roberson
Sgt. Dumah D. Robinson
PFC Carl NMI(R) Roby
1 source has NMI, other has R
Pvt. Joe E. Rowe KIA
PFC Mike J. Sarisky
S/Sgt. Roger NMI Seay
PFC Eugene G. Schmid
PFC Lee Shatuck
PFC Nicholas Slisky
PFC Joseph F. Staendl
Pvt. Lester R. Steele
PFC August Stopa KIA
PFC Aubrey R. Stout
Sgt. Stanford S. Strong
Pvt. Norris R. Taylor
Cpl. Frank W. Terbune
Pvt. Paul C. Thomas
? Edward C. Thomas
T-4 Walter NMI Thompson, Jr.
Pvt. Douglas J. Treiber
Private John L. Wafford DNB**
John J. Walsh
Pvt. Robert H. Watson KIA
Sgt. John E. West
Pvt. William E. Whalen KIA
Pvt. Arthur E. Williamson
Sgt. Harold W. Wilson
PFC Harry M. Wood

These rosters are as complete as I have been able to make them. If I have overlooked you or a family member, I apologize. Any and all corrections or additions are received gratefully. Please email them to me and I will make the changes.
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