551st Parachute Infantry Battalion Poem From Left Corner of my Heart by Dan Morgan

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I have a great personal respect for each of America's soldiers and our veterans. Over the years I have been fortunate to spend time with the heroes, friends and families of the 551st, which has deepened my honor and respect - and therefore my commitment to this site and the community which I hope it serves.

This site is not only my tribute to them but to help people understand the personal sacrifice, commitment and timeline of the 551st's operations.

With that in mind if you have photos, comments, anecdotes or would like to contribute to this site in any way, please email me by clicking the link below. By preserving and sharing the personal elements we can ensure that the story remains known and the heroes, their actions and great sacrifice, are not forgotten.

I will, naturally, cite sources and images, and share details of who has been kind enough to donate their time. Personal contributions such as this are the greatest and are truly appreciated.

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Copies of WW2 USGI 1:50000 tactical maps of the Ardennes area reproduced by a printing company. These maps are B&W and measure 2'x3'. These are excellent for research and reference. I use these when in the Ardennes for researching specific actions. The maps are Durbuy, Huy, Ciney, Wellin, Vielsalm, Aywaille and Malmedy. They can be purchased below.







Malmedy. Site of the infamous massacre of US GI's by elements of Kampfgruppe Pieper during the Battle of the Bulge.

High quality copies of an original Jump School certificate made by a printing company. Paper weight, color and texture were matched. They were awarded to paratroopers alongwith their jump wings, upon completion of their 5 jumps. These are blank.

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