The 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion HQ Company

Abbreviations: DOW: Died of wounds DNB: Died, Non battle KIA: Killed in action SS: Silver Star

Corp. James Aikman
PFC Leo Baker
Pvt. Frank J. Bejma DOW
1st LT Donald A. Booth KIA
PFC Eugene Burke
Sgt. Bernard F. Callahan KIA
Pvt Ruford R. Campbell KIA
S/Sgt Jack Carr
Pvt. Roger Carqueville
Corp. Joseph Chizar
Corp. Mel Clark
PFC James T. Cleary KIA SS
PFC Dale E. Conley KIA
PFC Vince Dalzell
Pvt. Lorenzo J. Davis DOW w/ 504th PIR
Sgt. William Dean
1/Sgt William L. Dumas
Sgt. Perry I. Ellis DOW
S/Sgt. Charles Fairlamb
1st LT Joseph A. Farren KIA
Sgt. Donald Garrigues
Pvt. William H. Gates KIA
Pvt. Joseph B. Harris KIA
PFC James Heffernan
Pvt. Fred Hilgardner
1st LT Milt Hill
Pvt. Nicholas Hornacky
PFC Milo Huempfner
Corp. Ignacio Jimenez
Sgt. Martin Kangas
Sgt. Harold Lawler
PFC William C. Lawson KIA
PFC Malcolm McManus
T/5 Wendell B. Morrison
Pvt. Aref J. Orfalea
Pvt. Lester L. "Red" Patterson KIA
Corp. Benjamin C. Pearson KIA
Pvt. Maurice P. Ploof KIA
PFC Gordon I. Roberts
2nd LT Glen Slucter
PFC Mahlon F. Smith KIA
PFC Roy I. Tallent
S/Sgt Leo Urban
T/5 Thelston Wallace
T/4 James P. Ward KIA

These rosters are as complete as I have been able to make them. If I have overlooked you or a family member, I apologize. Any and all corrections or additions are received gratefully. Please email them to me and I will make the changes.

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